Case of the Mondays…

Mondays aren’t always at the top of my list in “fun” days. They usually start with staring at documents and computers hoping to make sense of it all… not always successfully.

This is what the back of my cubicle looks like. As you can see I have a GIANT calendar, which means I’m kind of a big deal… A GIANT calendar says: “Look at me, I’ve arrived. I’ve got dates to keep and deadlines to meet.”

Then, when I’ve patted myself in the back for being awesome I turn around, and reality sets in. I put my glasses on, start drinking the coffee (because it’s free at the office), and go through my e-mails. Is it strange that I’ve now found a strange sense of satisfaction from clearing my Inbox to the point of getting down to one page – NO scrolling? Maybe, but I say take the little victories and run with it. Also, this is when my iPod comes in really handy. For some reason I always think of ‘American Psycho’ and Christian Bale putting on his Walkman to work at his desk – except that I won’t go into murdering sprees, PROMISE! (That’s why there’s cupcakes!)

There are some days where I could even see myself screaming loudly in the office…

That’s when I get all “live-your-best-life-Oprah-mandate” and get centered. Yes, corny and cheesy, but it keeps me level headed, and it keeps you alive… not entering an ‘American Psycho’ induced murderous rampage. Also, I like corn and I like cheese, so shut up.

With all of those disclaimers out of the way… Yesterday I headed over to the Art Institute Chicago to break the monotony of the beginning of the week.

As I previously stated, cupcakes make me happy. So, at the museum I stopped by their café and got me a cupcake! It’s a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, and the thought of it is making me want another one. I paired it with a delicious double shot espresso (because let’s face it, what’s chocolate without coffee?) and a great book. My sister recommended this book by Roberto Bolaño (Nazi Literature in the Americas) and so far it’s delivered.

I had some time left during my lunch hour, and even though it was chilly outside, it was so bright that I thought it was only fair I take a stroll. The Art Institute is right next to Millennium Park in Chicago… How could I not?

That’s what I’ve ultimately decided: I need to take full advantage of this city. It’s easy to get lost in the monotony of the work flow, but life is too short not to parade around like every little thing is not awesome. Judge me, go ahead… I’m still smiling. Isn’t the architecture in Chicago worth stopping and admiring? It makes art accessible to public, and what public art can mean.

Then, I headed over to Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor and did the tourist-y thing… Again, because, why not? Just for giggles, and to see my reflection – although somewhat distorted.

All of that within an hour… and refreshed enough and with new-found patience to head back to the office.


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