Ah, the 90’s! I hope you have fun re-living all your fashion mistakes.

Spice Girls



Emotions I’ve Felt This Week

In gifs because that’s the only way I know to express myself anymore (and in no particular order – except for the first one because I had freaking waffles for breakfast and that is a MAJOR WIN!)



so good to see you




you what






sister act dancing nun



19 Things I Learned From Lists


  1. I should live in Paris.
  2. I should have been an astronaut.
  3. If I were food, I would be sushi.
  4. Upon further inspection, I should live in Portland.
  5. If I were a movie, I’d be “The Hangover.”
  6. If you can’t choose between the options given you might be a nobody.
  7. Questioning life will happen while you ponder if you prefer being attractive or being right.
  8. The difference between choosing red wine and a gin & tonic are astronomical.
  9. I was definitely 100% a 90’s girl.
  10. There is nothing a list won’t answer.
  11. Lists will help craft your identity.
  12. Sharing these lists on social media will make you more likeable to your “friends.”
  13. Lists bring people together.
  14. They can also tear the fabric of reality with a wrong answer.
  15. How did people get to know themselves before lists?
  16. There should be an “Intervention” episode on lists.
  17. You may start hating some people based on their quiz results.
  18. Quizzes didn’t end in high school.
  19. You may have to reconsider your choices in life.

Feelings Friday Are Best Expressed by Dance

… and Paul Rudd. Dance & Paul Rudd



I really can’t help it… Friday rolls around and it’s just green screen time.

Do You Love The Hoff?

… and puppies? Puppies and Hoff? Huppies? Poffs?
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*I hope your week is less shitty after this. We all need it.

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Star Wars and Weekly Potpourri

Did you hear about the tanorexic mom who took her 5-year old daughter to get tanned and gave her 2nd degree burns? What about the grandparents who attached a power wheel car with dog leashes to their SUV and towed their granddaughter around? Yep, those were the headlines of the week. A week that will be book ended by nerds’ favorite holiday: International Star Wars Day.

Get the pun? God, it’s funny. Also, I am including myself in this brigade. I may have been speaking like Yoda for most of the morning, and quoting the movies. (I don’t appreciate your judgement.)

It’s also Cinco de Mayo’s Eve, the sound of mariachis, the smell of tequila and jalapeños fill the air. There is also the anticipation of regret in the air…


It’s also the first week in May, so in remembrance April here is her story in pictures:

During a lunch break with nowhere in particular to go Laura and I ventured to the French Metra Market. It’s the closest you can get to a Parisian getaway without actually getting on a plane while you’re in the Midwest. We had some lovely tarts (lemon meringue and the other one that all I can remember is MMMMmmmMMMMM.)

Then on the last day of the month I met RACHEL DRACHT!!! Along with the lovely Grief Bacon girls, we heard her read some of her hilarious memoir as well as answer some questions. Then she signed my book, I totally lost my cool, and enjoyed some drinks and jokes with the Baconettes.

OK, so this picture is from yesterday (and I look really tired) but it was so much fun! It’s the last days of Alexis in Chicago, and we need to make the most of them! So, we first had dinner at Adobo in Old Town (he had a Margarita craving) and then on to Benchmark for great people-watching.


Soon to be updated with Wedding #3.