An Instagram Story

This is Cailloux.


She’s what we like to call a Puerto Rican terrier, or “sata”. It’s an original island breed. They are smart and gorgeous, and the sweetest you’ll ever meet! She’s a rescue, so she’s also fiercely loyal and trusting. Four years ago, we embarked on our first adventure… we moved to Chicago.

She agreed whole heartedly, and traded in the beach fur for a winter coat.


She didn’t always like them. She didn’t really like the boots either, but she did see squirrels…


The solitary squirrel, a rare opportunity for Cailloux, and she seized it!


We fell in love with Chicago, but after 4 years the adventure had to come to an end. And again she was ready to help. (Without opposable thumbs she was more there to provide morale.)


Trusting as she is, she jumped right in! We moved back to her home country of Puerto Rico for the summer.


Boxes arrived.



Long sunny walks started…


And then, Cailloux’s favorite activity… beach!



She’s finally back home, she has a big yard.

The point is I’m leaving soon, and this time Cailloux can’t come on the adventure. And I’m going to miss her because she’s a great furry companion. At least, when I was living on my own, I felt less crazy about talking out loud. I wasn’t talking to myself, I was talking to my silent partner. And I’m going to miss her goofy little fur ball.

So, here is a series of very self-indulgent Instagram pictures I took of Cailloux.

Instagram 23















Pup & Circumstance

Cailloux graduated. Yes… there was a final exam consisting of all the different commands she had learned during the last 6 weeks.

For each command that she completed she got a tiny milkbone. The dog with the most amount of milkbones at the end of the class would be considered the Valedictorian of the class. After all the completed commands, and garnering a total of 11 milkbones, Cailloux took home the prestigious “Doggie Obedience Class” Valedictorian. Yes, proud mother indeed.

After laughing internally at myself for a little while (also cue eye roll in disbelief), I decided to take some pictures of the event.

Firstly, there was a “Congratulations” banner. How freaking adorable is that?!

Then I asked Cailloux to lie “DOWN”, which she did perfectly, and I snapped a picture of her next to her certificate of completion.

And now proof that she got the 11 milkbones:

Oh! Did I mention that they played “Pomp & Circumstance” as they handed out the certificates? Yeah, that happened.


Easter Sunday, Brunch, and Other Uncharted Waters


Well, growing up Catholic meant that after a couple of days of no T.V., no fun music, no candies,  no snacks, no nothing that ever made you happy, you overdosed on a single day… and then proceed to live life as you did before Lent. Oh, and you’re doing this in the name of Jesus Christ, so guilt trips in full swing. This is only a preamble so that you may understand the grave importance that this day has in my life no matter how much I rationalize its insignificance in the grand-scheme of life. (Also note, I gave up cheese and beer for Lent… I ate a lot of cheese on Sunday.)

Yeah, I make a big deal out of Easter. Although, I must admit it’s mostly for the fashion. It’s a huge hoopla, with the hats, the dresses, the men wearing their pastel-bests, and the subdued hues… they tug at my heartstrings. I just can’t help myself! American Easters are also quite a novelty for me. We go all out in PR too, but as long as I can remember this is what my Easters looked like:

Back in the day, my mom would always take us to the beach house at Palmas del Mar in Humacao, PR. It made the bunny and his candy quite superfluous at a certain point in my childhood. It also made religion fun… I mean, it allowed me a week of sitting and watching this.

My lovely mother sent me this picture on Easter afternoon so that I may never forget what I was missing out on, and how much she misses me. I miss you too… and the sunsets.

But I digress (this happens often)… back to the story at hand. Traditions change, and making new ones is just as exciting as following the old ones. So, brunch among friends and expanding horizons is thrilling and uncharted waters. I also went to my first non-Catholic service. I know, tons of first. Not as big of a deal as I’m making it sound, but it’s fun to muse the historical consequences of a Catholic in a Protestant setting. Yes, I nerded out to religious history on Easter. I’ve been to synagogues, and Jewish weddings, but I expected the difference, I knew that I would sit, listen, and learn. This was slightly different. These are the kinds of thoughts that keep me entertained during long hours of services, this wouldn’t have happened in previous centuries, Martin Luther and his thesis, the printing press, the proliferation of the written word, the English crown, France, Spain, Europe’s turmoil in general, and all the crowned kings and queens that made decisions that would shape generations to come… the very foundation of this hemisphere.

OK, back to planet Earth… as I sat through the service I saw how little there really was of a difference. Well, except that they allow women to be preachers. Go figure! In this century? Sooo off-putting. (*Please note sarcasm!*)

Well, as always, my thoughts get the better of me, and I tend to get long winded (it’s exhausting to be in my brain.) So, lets dull it down a bit and look at pretty pics!


The roommies get decked out. My dress was an absolute find at Lu Lu’s Vintage Jewelry & Clothing in Chicago. I love this boutique, makes me feel like I’m in a French boudoir, complete with dog.

I must point out Alyson’s adorable outfit, paired with a Polish designer’s fascinator, nude patent leather pumps, and insane calf muscle definition. You can follow her blog here: Eat Little Sleep Well and cheer her on!

This was the line (one of the sides) around Fourth Presbyterian Church on Delaware and Michigan (Water Tower.) They were handing out hot cider to keep everyone warm and cozy during the chilly windy wait.

Funny story at our expense: While Micki (Alyson’s mom), Alyson and I waiting we kept looking at this man across the street in front of the Four Seasons. We kept talking about how amazingly still the mime-man stayed. Oh, he would put Marcel Marceau to shame. Well, joke was definitely on us… it’s a statue. Very realistic, and I wondered if any cabs ever stopped to pick him up confusing him the same way we did it. Look, it was 8:30AM on a Sunday morning… ungodly early, and we were barely awake.

Brunch begins at Bistro Margot in Old Town.

First Course: Brie Puff with a Balsamic Reduction and Candied Walnuts.

Second Course: Veggie and Cheese Quiche with Mixed Greens.

Here I am with Alyson’s mom, Micki. We both made the excellent decision of ordering the bread pudding.



After eating our weight in cheese and bread, we thought it would be most wise to go for an afternoon stroll. Well, it was either that or enter a food coma. We chose the walk. It was also too beautiful outside to

Cailloux was very excited about the walk. Just before I snapped this picture she was nose-deep in the tulips – she stopped to smell the flowers.

There was absolutely no cloud in the sky on Easter Sunday. It was such a pleasant walk, but it tired us out. I think I need another vacation to rest from all the eating and excitement.


*All puns are intended.

Doggie Post!

No! Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit! SIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!! Wait. Sit. Down. Down. Sit. Wait. Wait. Can you wait? No!

And that’s how the conversations with Cailloux go almost every day. Tired of the monosyllabic, boring and often ignored conversations and commands Alyson and I decided to enroll them in doggie training. Which ended up being more human training for the four-legged companion.

So far, we’ve learned how not to repeat commands and when in doubt, give them a treat! We’ll have to measure the amount of treats against her meals… I don’t want her losing her girlish figure!

Cailloux paying attention in class.

Dottie finally sat.

The training classes have been great. We enrolled them at Tucker Pups in the West Loop. It means we have to drive there, which is yet a new challenge for Cailloux. She’s getting better, but I think Dottie helps her. Dottie loves freaking car rides – she jumps everywhere, including in front of the steering wheel. Well, we’ll take each challenge separately.

Cailloux knows the “sit” and “down” command, we’re working on her “wait” skills… apparently the hardest to master. But when she does get it: TREAT! So simple, isn’t it?

Here she is at the park, sitting and waiting:

How could you not love that face?!


Fallen Angels

Leap Day did not get the head start I expected. The furry inhabitants (Cailloux and Dottie) fell from their adorable heaven.

The messed up our living room area rug beyond repair (and unbearable smell.) Alyson had to throw out the rug altogether. Needless to say, we were NOT happy or pleased with their behavior.

So, even when we were staring at this…

And envisioning this…

Action had to be taken. They’re crated today… and starting classes ASAP!

My guilt is strong, but I must stay stronger.

Little Victories

Little things make me happy… I think that’s well documented, if you’ve ever met me. Little things make my day, and vice versa, little things can piss me off. (Please see mini cupcakes and coffee entries.)

But let’s stay in the positive, little things make me really happy. Today, I got 2 socially awkward dogs (mine and Alyson’s) to play fetch!

2 dogs that otherwise spend their time sleeping, and begging for treats, actually did something to deserve the treats – entertain me! So, there… my little victory for Sunday: Cailloux and Dottie played fetch.